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8/3/16 Being Present
Learning to stay with emotions.

7/18/16 In Support of Grieving
How does it happen that some of us lose connection with our natural ability to grieve? And how do we reclaim it?

6/17/16 Grieving heals the wound of loss
When we grieve a loss we shift from living in the pain of what-no-longer-is to living more fully in what is now

3/10/13 When old strategies become problems: Part 3

2/22/13 When old strategies become problems: Part 2

2/12/13 When old strategies become problems: Part 1
The underlying logic and sanity of problem behavior rooted in old learning

10/27/12 Therapy is a Zen Koan
Shedding old patterns of thinking, behaving, and relating to self, other, and the world

3/30/12 Hypnosis and weight loss: An example of unconscious learning
With hundreds of diets and programs for weight loss, why don’t they work for many people in the long-term? What’s missing?

12/18/11 What matters? A Christmas / Winter Solstice letter

10/28/11 Teach me to interact with my son the way you interact with me

10/21/11 Spontaneity
"All of a sudden I found this thing… the ability to play off of things and work with other people and create…." - Robin Williams - or - Being available to your own intelligent responsivity without having to conssciously manage it. It flows.

8/23/11 Getting unstuck: Part 2
Changing unconscious learnings

6/29/11 In support of Not Knowing

6/24/11 Getting unstuck: Part 1
Refining and building on what we've already learned and accomplished (...and some of the underlying principles of hypnotherapy)

5/13/11 A frame for how we learn
how what we learn goes on autopilot and how it happens that we can feel stuck (coming Soon: getting unstuck)

4/5/11 Gonzo blogging: The blog does the writer
The difficulties I have writing this blog entry about Good Enough teach me something important and relevant to what I'm writing about

2/23/11 Stories and learning
The universe is not made of atoms. It is made of stories. - Muriel Rukeyser

2/14/11 Unconscious learning
Would you be willing to learn something useful that you may not know you have learned, nor how you have learned it?

2/3/11 Mistake of the week
...or what mistake did I make this week that provided me the biggest opportunity for learning?

1/25/11 Learning and mistakes
Separating out what's useful from what's not useful as we learn

1/14/11 Great article by David Brooks in The New Yorker
"After all, the conscious mind chooses what we buy, but the unconscious chooses what we like." - David Brooks

1/5/11 We are always in a context

12/20/10 Winter Solstice: Going into darkness / coming into light

12/17/10 Context is the matrix of meaning

12/14/10 What is hypnosis?
My clients, colleagues, and I weigh in

12/3/10 About this blog
Offered in gratitude to my clients, teachers, and mentors who taught me that our capacity for intelligent and life-affirming responsivity and change exceeds conscious imagining.

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