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"I could try and figure something out all day long, but then if I just allow myself this kind of time and space, I get this deeper understanding that changes things."

—Client, using hypnosis to explore being confident about
his own thinking and emotional responses

"It's sort of like conversational biofeedback. It stimulates the unconscious to do what it can do."
—Overheard, one young client explaining hypnotherapy to a friend

"Ericksonian hypnotherapists are different. He told me stories that seemed to get inside me and mean something that made a difference."

"When contractions came I just went with them. I had the sense that my body was talking to me... and I was listening."

—K., mother of Sophia and Elliot
(and a client with whom I worked before each birth)

"The pain is just as intense, but now I have to consciously think about it to feel it."

—Client, using hypnosis to learn to manage
the chronic pain of a back injury

"I never thought the body of a 72-year old woman could feel this good, never mind fibromyalgia."

"I had internalized you—so I wasn't alone going into surgery. Then, as a result of your visit after my surgery, I went from being totally agitated and miserable to totally fine!"

—Client, using hypnotherapy for comfort before, during, and after surgery

"You worked with me in a way that I felt like I did all this—it's not your will it's mine. And it's solid—I don't feel in danger of losing anything that I've gained."

—Client, 5 weeks after quitting smoking

"I never suspected I had the power and the resources within me to have what I need and want—and that includes my ability to not have these migraines. I gained a new way of accessing what was there all along."

—Client, learning to gain relief from migraine headache

"I had no idea how much I would learn about myself in such a supportive environment. I gained courage and confidence to proceed into situations where before, I shut down and erased myself to avoid emotional and physical fallout."

"I received more help from this group in five weeks than I have from any other thing I've done in the last five years for my fibromyalgia symptoms."

"During our sessions it came back to me that I know how to relax. Before, I might just sit in my stress, but now, after Ryan's birth, I use what I learned to set up a place at home to provide myself relaxation like that while I nurse him."
—Client, finding uses for self-hypnosis after giving birth

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John Teleska, M.Ed.
(585) 264-9497

 Office Locations

38 Parkridge Drive
Pittsford, NY 14534
SE of Rochester by Powder Mill Park near Bushnell’s Basin exit 27 of I-490
Integrative Medicine Department
Clifton Springs Hospital
2 Coulter Road
Clifton Springs, NY 14432
between Canandaigua and Geneva,
New York

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