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"Teleska enables people to learn from and for themselves. Our culture drives us to seek out externally applied alternative therapies and their purveyors. Teleska's use of Ericksonian strategies aimed at personal self-realization cuts through the mistaken notion that other people or substances or procedures will fix our problems for us. John Teleska does not bring his ego or his solutions to the therapeutic relationship. He brings the mirror of himself. His skill lies in his talent for sensitively reflecting back what each unique client brings, allowing that person to utilize their own powerful resources, conscious or not-yet-conscious, that will enhance healing and personal growth."

Laurence Sugarman, M.D.
Diplomate of the American Board of Medical Hypnosis
Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.
Dr. Sugarman integrates hypnosis and biofeedback into his practice of general and behavioral pediatrics.

"John matches deep compassion with very precise clinical skills in helping people deal with a variety of mental health issues as they move towards a healthier life. He is a valued healer in our clinic."
Charlotte Wytias, RN, MS,FNP
Manager, Integrated Health Department
Clifton Springs Hospital

"John Teleska brings unique gifts to this world. How many people can hold multiple patents, compose and perform successful music albums, and become a consumate therapist... all in one-half of a lifetime? His conversational, flowing approach to hypnotherapy makes it a very comfortable and meaningful experience. His diverse background allows him to relate to many clients, whether they are technologically or creatively based. He has been amazingly successful with a wide variety of clients. My patients have had very positive experiences with his approach."

Brian Justice, D.C.
Director, Rochester Chiropractic Group

"John's ability to engage his patients in therapeutic conversation on behalf of their health, healing, and well-being is outstanding. I'm glad I have him to consult with and refer my patients to."
Bernard J. Plansky, M.D., F.A.A.F.P., Family Medicine and Faculty, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

"John Teleska has an uncanny talent for inviting collaboration in the therapy/learning process. His way of working maintains a focus on what is useful for clients. As a friend and colleague he impresses me with both his knowledge and presence. Even his articles have a sense of immediacy. His ability to promote new conversations—including hypnotic conversations—and to engage his clients' unconscious resources make his therapy alive and relevant."
David London, Ph.D., Psychologist, Supervisor in Family Therapy at the Child Study Center of NYU Medical Center, Former Director of Adult Clinical Services, Mapleton Clinic, Private Practice, NYC

"As a Shiatsu practitioner I will, from time to time, recommend a client to another form of practice. John is often that person. His delight in the individuality of people is apparent. His form of practice is unique in this area of New York and, in my experience, uniquely effective and empowering. The 'conscious' enlistment of the 'unconscious' in energy work is a powerful partnership."
Lisa Cooper-Weinberg, practitioner of Shiatsu and EMF Balancing Technique

"I see the positive effects of John's groups on my clients. They learn not only to gain relief from fibromyalgia symptoms, but also to find the strength and value of attending to their own voice. I highly recommend him to my clients who have learned to care for themselves and are ready to have more choices."
Barb Cacia, Director, Care for Chronic Illness

"Contrary to my initial stereotype of hypnotherapy (where 'hypno' indicated a professional 'helping' a client by means of manipulative control), work with John is intimate, gentle self-discovery-conversation. He is a midwife who aids clients in the birthing process of coming to better know, affirm, engage, delight in and direct the dynamics of their relations to self, others and life's surprising beauty."

Lauree Hersh Meyer, Ph.D, theologian and faculty member at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School

"Last fall I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in my bladder. John Teleska helped me prepare for surgery and recover in the hospital.

The greatest benefit to me from this work was to help me connect with a state in which I felt whole, integrated and ready to bear the trauma. Despite all the support from friends and family, I felt so alone while waiting to go into surgery. And yet when they wheeled me into the operating room, I felt John’s presence within me, and it was a great comfort to know I didn’t go in there alone.

Although being in a positive psychological/emotional state helped me through the ordeal, there were direct physical benefits as well. After surgery, I was recovering from adverse reactions to drugs. I was suffering from muscle spasms, hot sweats, and extreme agitation. During a hypnotherapy session that I thought wasn’t working, I was given the suggestion that I’d take a healing nap. I woke up a short while later with absolutely no symptoms.

I find John’s work so helpful that I often refer my own clients to him for help with surgery, chronic pain, and psychological conditions in which they need help connecting with inner resources."
Anais Salibian, LMT, Rosenworks therapist

"John Teleska has a special talent and a unique ability to educate his clients toward a greater self awareness, and a more complete state of well-being. He is a strong and welcome resource for our office staff and our clients."

Don Dudley, D.C., HealthSource Chiropractic

 Contact information

John Teleska, M.Ed.
(585) 264-9497

 Office Locations

38 Parkridge Drive
Pittsford, NY 14534
SE of Rochester by Powder Mill Park near Bushnell’s Basin exit 27 of I-490
Integrative Medicine Department
Clifton Springs Hospital
2 Coulter Road
Clifton Springs, NY 14432
between Canandaigua and Geneva,
New York

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