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An entirely satisfying birth experience

"It was wonderful! I was part of it, I wasn't uncomfortable, I was able to experience my son coming out, and his first breath and his first cry. I had tears. At the moment he came out, I looked at my husband, he looked at me, and he said, 'Maybe we should have another one.'"

This was A.'s second child; her first had been a nightmare of labor pain and drugs that culminated in a cesarean delivery. She had worked with me because she wanted the sense of meaningful participation in her experience of her pending second birth; she wanted it to be as healthy and comfortable as possible for her and her baby.

What makes A.'s comment so stunning is that she is describing a meaningful and comfortable birth experience that is also a cesarean!

Learning relief of chronic pain

"The pain is just as intense, but now I have to consciously think about it to feel it."

C. suffered a spinal injury three years ago and was diagnosed with intractable pain. He participated in an eight session Pain Relief Group I facilitated through the Rochester, NY office of musculo-skeletal specialist Irwin Abraham, M.D. The group goal was to use facilitated- and self-hypnosis to learn how to gain relief from pain.

C. could not stand, sit, lie, or sleep for more than 20 minutes without having to shift. His life and consciousness were organized around his pain. During the second session, after a facilitated hypnosis experiment, he reported "losing my back" for 10 seconds; along with losing his back, he had no sense of pain. Two sessions later, he reported waking the previous day with the pain in the background. He said the pain was entirely present, and just as intense as ever—but he had to make a conscious effort to check on it. He had somehow learned to shift his relationship to the pain so it was no longer overwhelming. This relief seems stable over time. Several sessions later, C. reported that his back would "go away" for a couple hours at a time.

Relief of post operative bladder spasms

I worked with L. prior to her bladder surgery on behalf of her comfort and speedy recovery. After surgery, I visited L. in the hospital. Her bladder was in spasm (which often happens after this type of procedure). She grabbed my hand and squeezed it with the pain and asked if I could help. I asked her to squeeze my hand exactly the way her bladder was squeezing. At first the hand followed the bladder. I suggested her bladder could learn to follow her hand. Using hypnosis and makeshift biofeedback over the next 30 minutes, she learned to control her bladder spasms and rest comfortably.

From a client learning to gain relief from migraine headaches

"Hi, John!"

"It was good to talk with you today on the phone. After I finished our phone conversation, I pondered about what I was doing to gain relief from my migraines. Then it came to me—I have been "maintaining my space." I am also learning not to be such a perfectionist and taking mental breaks to a beautiful, peaceful, serene place. At these times, I hear my voice and sometimes yours in chorus with mine saying, 'That's right!' I must be unconsciously doing something for myself, because when I have experienced situations where I would have had a migraine in the past, I realize later that I did NOT get a migraine. I have had a few migraines (only one severe), but have been able to control them pretty well with medication and taking quiet time for self-hypnosis. I seem to be taking note of my body and mind-signals better and not 'pushing' myself when my body is telling me to slow down. I relax and take a mini-vacation in my mind."

"Thank you again for showing me how to utilize my unconscious resources."

Phone message from a new non-smoker

"Hi, John, This is N. I'm at [gives phone number]. I'm reporting in on [gives date] when you asked for a call back about the results of the hypnotherapy that I had two weeks ago."

"In a nutshell, it's worked perfectly. I have no cravings, no urges, I have a few thoughts of having a cigarette, and I just think how lucky and pleased I am that I no longer do that. The smoking has just vanished from my life, I couldn't be happier, and I'm starting to feel a little better. My sister gave me a huge bouquet of flowers when I got home, so I got my flowers, too. So, anyway, it was hugely successful, and you must have done something just right for me, because putting down cigarettes has been effortless, easy and a complete pleasure. [pause, audible breath] I'm so glad I don't do that any more, John. I can't tell you what a weight is lifted off my life. So, I thank you very much, and if you'd like to talk further I'd be most happy to. Thanks, John. Bye-bye."

I returned her call and asked about her experience immediately following our work together. She had started coughing during the trance work we did on Monday. The next day she slept all of the six hour train ride home, and then slept more when she arrived home late that afternoon. On Wednesday, she was diagnosed with severe bronchitis and spent four days sleeping in bed. Then, in her own words:

"I've been recovering from the bronchitis since then, gradually feeling better and better. I don't feel like anything was imposed on me from the outside [during our session work]. You worked with me in a way that I felt like I did all this—it's not your will it's mine. And it's solid—I don't feel in danger of losing anything that I've gained."

N.'s extremely high motivation to quit smoking was a major factor in her exceptional response to using hypnosis to quit smoking.

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